Fevermap – infection tracking


Fevermap proof-of-concept service closing in July 2020

Fevermap development started in mid-March 2020, and version 1.0 for the public was released in record time on March 31st. Our stellar team of developers, designers and community managers worked around the clock to create a symptom tracking app in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Our goal was to help health officials gain situational awareness, so that they could make better informed decisions. While the proof-of-concept service was successful, collaboration with health authorities did not materialize.

We regret to inform you that public app.fevermap.net proof-of-concept service will be closed out of service in July 2020. While the core development team of Fevermap will not maintain the POC anymore, there might be national instances still running their own version.

If there is interest to use Fevermap for situational awareness in a certain region and you want to collaborate with us, please contact us by email.

Many thanks to all the users who participated in the POC and helped validate Fevermap!

Be safe!

– The Fevermap Team